I'm a passionate distributed systems researcher, full-stack developer, and classical guitarist from Washington, D.C.

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About Me

I recently graduated from Northwestern University, where I received a B.A. in Computer Science, a B.M. in Guitar Performance, and M.S. in Computer Science.

The past three years, I've worked in Northwestern's AquaLab under my advisor, Dr. Fabián Bustamante. In addition to my research, I worked as a Network Architect for bloXroute Labs, a Chicago-based team scaling blockchains to thousands of on-chain transactions per second.

Previously, I've worked in Verizon’s Corporate Strategy and Development group, supporting scenario planning and strategy development relating to the future of connectivity, and I helped develop partnerships with major Fortune 500 partners to expand existing businesses and explore adjacent offerings. I also worked in Verizon’s Corporate Venture Capital team, where I identified innovators across a variety of market segments and conducted competitive financial analyses to identify candidates for potential investment. I'm currently working at Verizon as a Corporate Strategy Analyst, looking at developer ecosystems, distributed architectures, and IaaS/PaaS/SaaS opportunities.

I consider myself experienced with the following languages:


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Publications & Awards

James Newman, Robert H. Belson and Fabián E. Bustamante, “Scaling Up Your Experience, Everywhere”, Proc. of HotMobile, February 2019.
Northwestern University Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grant (2018)
Northwestern University Greenbriar Equity Research Fellowship (2018)
Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar (2017)


Guitar Performance

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